Bernie supporter rips Clinton at pro-Clinton rally

An Iowa college student who backed Bernie Sanders’ failed presidential bid was escorted off stage at a rally in support of Hillary Clinton Saturday after attacking her over her ties to Wall Street.

A video posted to YouTube shows Kaleb Vanfosson speaking at the rally, where he was invited to give an address, urging fellow students not to vote for the Democratic candidate who he cast as removed from society.

“She is so trapped in the world of the elite that she has completely forgotten what it’s like to be a normal person,” he said. “She doesn’t care!”

The crowd responded with a mix of boos and cheers before organizers of the event escorted him off the stage.

Vanfosson had introduced himself in the speech as the president of the “Students for Bernie” group at Iowa State University.

Speaking later to NBC affiliate in Iowa WHO-DT, Vanfosson revealed that he had planned to attack Clinton in the speech from the moment he received an invitation to speak over lingering anger from the primary season.

He said: “They were wanting me to be this puppet boy that they could use to show that hey, Bernie people are bowing down to the establishment now, we’re all good. But we’re still angry, we’re still tired of this system of oppression that we live under and I knew I had to do it the moment I got the call.”

Many Sanders’ supporters remain opposed to Clinton despite the Vermont senator endorsing her just prior to the Democratic National Convention in July.

Also around the time of the convention, WikiLeaks revealed that top officials in the Democratic Party had been plotting against Sanders’ campaign, prompting the resignation of party chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

In October, audio was leaked of Clinton making disparaging remarks about Sanders’ supporters during a private talk to donors in February. She famously described them as basement dwellers.

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