Clinton camp panics over Trump surge in Michigan

Donald Trump’s recent surge in the Democratic stronghold of Michigan has set off a panic in Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Clinton had held a solid lead over Trump throughout most of the campaign, however the GOP nominee is now just 4 points off his rival with momentum gaining, according to a RealClearPolitics survey.

Trump’s rising numbers have sent Clinton campaign officials scrambling to deploy their heavy hitters to stump for her in Michigan.

Former President Bill Clinton campaigned for his wife in Lansing Sunday and President Barack Obama is set to rally supporters in Ann Arbor Monday.

Hillary Clinton herself will then campaign in Grand Rapids later Monday.

She has only visited the state four times since clinching the nomination at the Democratic National Convention in July.

“It’s truly remarkable the Clinton campaign is burning their final chip with President Obama by sending him into a state long viewed as deep blue,” Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller told Business Insider.

“This is yet another indication of how strong this movement is boosting Mr. Trump,” he added.

Clinton lost Michigan to her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders during the primary season in a major upset.

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