Clinton campaign manager says she lacks ethics

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager has described her as lacking ethics when it comes to fundraising, WikiLeaks revealed in a particularly stinging email.

In an email dated March 11, 2015 released Sunday, Robert Mook writes to campaign chair John Podesta to complain that Clinton sought to bring a longtime friend and questionable fundraiser to join her campaign.

“When soliciting contributions, Clinton had little consideration for ethics,” Mook wrote to Podesta, saying her desire to hire Jose Villarreal would tie the campaign to conflict of interest cases.

In the email, Mook also attached several news articles that exposed Clinton’s mixing of state affairs with other business.

“I’d question if we want him as an officer,” Mook wrote. “Again, sorry to be a pain on this, but I think it’s important.”

Clinton ended up getting her way, and Villarreal was appointed as her campaign’s treasurer and senior adviser.

Villarreal had helped Clinton raise $72 million for the U.S. Expo at the 2010 Expo in Shanghai during her tenure as state secretary. The U.S. Expo sought to promote American interests at the event.

“It looks like he’s snared up in the conflict of interest stuff at State,” Mook wrote.

He added: “There’s a real argument here that he was at the nexus of foundation/state issues.”

In addition his comments criticizing Clinton’s desire to hire Villarreal, he also attached 10 pages of documents showing how corporations that donated to the U.S. Expo received favorable treatment by her State Department.

“When soliciting contributions, Clinton had little consideration for ethics, as the corporations who were featured in Shanghai also contributed to her foundation and received accolades from the State Department,” Mook wrote in the email.

“For example, some of the biggest contributors to Shanghai, including Proctor & Gamble, Boeing, and General Electric, all received favorable treatment from the State Department,” he continued.

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