Sanders heckled for “selling out”

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was heckled Monday in Los Angeles over his endorsement of his primary season rival Hillary Clinton.

Footage posted to TMZ shows Sanders walking across a pavement with several bodyguards and security officers around him as someone accused him of selling out.

“Sellout Sanders! Why did you sell out to the two-party system? You’re a sellout, Bernie Sanders,” the man is heard shouting.

Sanders continued to walk without reacting.

The video comes only days after another clip was posted online showing a student speaker at Iowa State University urging his peers not to vote for Hillary Clinton at a pro-Clinton rally.

The student, who had identified himself as the president for the university’s “Students for Bernie” club, was escorted off the stage.

Many Sanders’ supporters remain bitter over his decision to endorse Clinton in July just prior to the Democratic National Convention.

Clinton’s main rival in Tuesday’s presidential election Donald Trump has repeatedly accused Sanders of “selling out to the devil,” a reference to Clinton.

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