Trump will win

A model developed by a political science professor at Stony Brook University predicts Donald Trump will win Tuesday’s election.

Despite many pollsters and pundits saying they believed Hillary Clinton had a better shot of tallying 270 electoral votes, Prof. Helmut Norpoth remained confident in his model on the day of the election.

“If [Clinton] was leading by 10 or 20 points, I would say this is not going to be my year, but I don’t see it,” Norpoth told The New York Post. “It’s so close. It’s certainly do-able [for Trump], even when you look at the polls.”

Norpoth says his tool retroactively predicts every presidential winner going back to 1912 with the exception of 2000, when George W. Bush won the electoral college, but lost the popular vote to Al Gore in a highly controversial election.

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